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The Killers - My Own Soul’s Warning (Michael Hili Video)

H.E.R. | Fender Signature Sessions | Fender

The Teskey Brothers - So Caught Up (Performance Video)



I am a Brooklyn NY based gaffer with experience working on commercial and creative projects of all sizes.  I have been lucky to work on productions for companies including Netflix, Spotify, Fender, Vogue, Lutron Lighting, Viacom/CBS, Morgan Stanley, Facebook, Google and countless others.  Music video credits include The Killers, Drake, Lake Street Dive, Alex Cameron, The Lemon Twigs, and The Teskey Brothers.  I have a lighting and grip package that you can find below, but am more than happy to work independently of my equipment.

My main goal is to help support and enhance the visions of Directors and DPs.


Lighting & Grip


Arri M18
Joker 800

Joker 400


[2] Litepanels Gemini 2x1

[2] Litepanels Gemini 1x1

Litetile Plus 4x4

Litemat 2L Plus

Astera NYX Practicals

Litecloth 2'x2'


[2] Arri T2

[2] Arri T1

Arri 1000w Open Face

Arri 650w

Arri 300w

[4] Dedolight DLH4

[2] S4 Leko Light

Wireless DMX:

RatPac AKS

Lumen Radio Moonlites

Dmx King eDMX 4

iPad w/ Blackout &




Honda EU2000i

Goal Zero 400w

[4] V-Mount Battery

150w Car inverter


[10] 40" C-Stand

[2] 20" C-Stand

[5] 3R Junior Stand

[5] Baby Stand

[2] Low-boy Roller Stand

[2] Junior Slider Stand


Dana Dolly

[2] 4' Speedrail

[2] 6' Speedrail

[2] 8' Speedrail

[2] Full Applebox

[2} 1/2 Applebox

[2] 1/4 Applebox

[2] Pancake Applebox

[20] Sandbags

18x24 Flag Kit

24x36 Flag Kit

[4] 4x4 Knife Blade

[4] 4x4 Floppy

4x 4 Ultrabounce Floppy

6x6 Frame (diffusions, bounce, solids, control grid)

8x8 Frame (diffusions, bounce, solids, control grid)

12x12 Frame [2] Solids, additional rags


[4] Cardellini

[2] Mafer
[2] 6" Baby Studded C-Clamp

[2] 12"  Studded C-Clamp

[2] 12" 2k C-Clamp

[2] 2k Offset

[2] Baby sidearms

[4] Big Ben clamp

[2] Cheeseboro Ear

[4] 4.5" Grip Head

[2] Gator Grip

[2] Quacker Clamp

[2] Chain Vise Grip

[2] 36" Bar Clamps

Pidgeon/2k Wall Plates

Safety Chain

#1 and #2 clamps

Menace Arm Kit

[2] C-Boom

Wall-breaker Kit


6  Crate

C-Stand Cart




Getting in Contact

E-mail is the best way to get in contact as I am on set often.  I will respond to all e-mails after wrap or before 8am the following morning. e-mail


If getting in touch is time sensitive, I check my text messages prior to call, at lunch and right after wrap.  You can send me a text at 774-210-0205 I will send you a reply ASAP


Answering can be tough on set, but please feel free to leave me a message at 774-210-0205 and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  Text is always a little faster if you need a quick response!



Ward Video, LLC

c/o John Ward

231 Norman Ave, STE 211

Brooklyn, NY 11222

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